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Edible Insects: Food, Feed and other Applications

Edible Insects: Food, Feed, and Other Applications

Course objective

Presenting how insects can be used as:

  • Ingredients for products in human diets

  • Sources of feed for poultry, swine, aquaculture, and pets

  • More sustainable alternatives to food and feed products currently used in agribusiness

Course duration: approx. 1,5 hours

Format: E-learning course

Perks: Accessible online, on-demand, with lifetime access and a certification of completion

Suitable for

  • Agribusiness professionals (e.g. poultry and swine farmers, aquaculturists, pet food professionals) wanting to grow knowledge on the diverse applications of insects as food and feed 

  • Biology and food science students wanting to learn about the potential of insects as food and feed alternatives

  • Curious individuals who wish to grow their knowledge on edible insects and insect farming

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How was the course developed?

Our course content is carefully created using reliable sources and findings.


All facts and numbers from our courses stem from research papers published in renowned scientific journals and reports developed by Insect Industry Associations, such as:


  • The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF)

  • The UK Edible Insect Association

  • The Asian Food and Feed Insect Association

Image by Jason Goodman

Course content

By attending our "Edible Insects: Food, Feed, and Other Applications", you will develop a strong understanding of a range of key topics.


Module 1: Why learn about insects as food and feed?

  • Nutritional properties of edible insects

  • Low carbon footprint of edible insects

Module 2: Insects as Food, applications, and nutritional benefits

  • Which insects are edible?

  • Different ways to consume edible insects

  • Nutritional benefits of edible insects

Module 3: Insects as Feed, key markets, and nutritional benefits

  • Which animals can consume insects?

  • Insects in aquaculture

  • Insects in poultry farming

  • Insects as pet food ingredients

Module 4: Non-food and feed applications of insects

  • Insects in waste processing

  • Insects as fertilizer

  • Insects in medicine and cosmetics

  • Insects applications in fuel and plastic degradation

No prior knowledge is required!

Edible Insects:

Feed Applications Course


Grow your knowledge about
Insects as Food and Feed 

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