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Why we created
Insect Academy

The problem

The potential of insects as food and feed is enormous for consumers and agribusiness professionals.

Yet educational content about insects is either too technical or not affordable.

The solution

Insect Academy makes learning about insects as food and feed accessible to all with research-based, affordable e-learning courses

We help consumers and agribusiness professionals grow their knowledge about the insect industry.

Our values

Educating individuals on such a novel topic requires the highest level of passion and rigor.


We strive to develop high-quality, research-based courses with passion and - importantly - with a constant drive to promote insects as sustainable food and feed alternatives.

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Academic Excellence 📚

Passion 🦗

Sustainability 🌍


Rodrigo Llauradó Casares
Co-Founder and Course Developer

With over 8 years of dedicated experience in research and development within the Edible Insects Sector, I am a pioneering figure in the promotion of entomophagy in Argentina. My journey began with studies in Social Sciences and Humanities, where I was introduced to the fascinating world of edible insects.

A former professor at the UTN.BA Food Technology Center, I conducted a 20-hour live online course on Edible Insects and Entomophagy.

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Alexandre Chatelier
Co-Founder and Course Developer

With over 6 years of experience in marketing and communication, I stumbled upon the world of insects 2 years ago, as I was writing my Master's thesis: "Tackling The Insect Disgust Factor: Strategies Adopted by Socially Innovative Organisations to Overcome Deep Cultural Barriers".


Reviewing dozens of research papers and studies on insects as food and feed helped me grow both solid knowledge and passion for the insect industry

I made it my mission to educate the world on the benefits insects can bring to the food and feed markets


I am also the founder of Intersect, a digital marketing company 100% dedicated to helping insect companies grow their online business.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals
we believe in

Our enthusiasm for the insect industry is primarily fueled by its crucial role in promoting sustainable development.

Edible insects offer substantial environmental advantages, contributing to:


  • Effective resource use

  • Minimized land needs

  • A smaller water footprint

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

  • Prevention of deforestation

  • Preservation of biodiversity

In sum, they serve as a sustainable protein alternative with notable environmental benefits.

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responsible comnsumption and production sdg
climate action sdg
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insects as food and feed?

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