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Edible Insects: Feed Applications

Grow your knowledge of edible insects as feed. In this course, Insect Academy presents which insects serve as alternative sources of feed and the health and growth benefits they provide for pets, poultry, and aquaculture species notably.


As importantly, will also learn why the carbon footprint of edible insects is lower than that of most current animal feed options on the market.

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Who is this course for?

While our modules were primarily designed for agribusiness professionals and (aspiring) edible insect farmers we ensured the content would also be easily understandable for students and academics who are curious about the insect industry.

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(Aspiring) insect industry actors

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Students and academics

What is the course based on?

Our course content is carefully created using reliable sources and findings. All facts and numbers from our courses stem from research papers published in renowned journals and reports shared by Insect Industry Associations, such as the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF), the UK Edible Insect Association, and the Asian Food and Feed Insect Association, among others.


Course content

By attending our "Edible Insects: Feed Applications course", you will develop a strong understanding of the role insects have to play as alternative feed sources, their health, and growth benefits for animals, and why insects have a lower carbon footprint than traditional livestock.

Upon a general introduction to the topic, you will learn exactly which insects are suitable as feed sources, what their characteristics are, and which markets they can be used in. Whether you're a professional in aquaculture, poultry farming, swine farming or a pet food industry actor, you will learn about everything insects can bring to these industries.

Discover our programme for this course below!

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Course programme

  • Introduction
    General introduction to the topic, which insects will be covered etc. Mainly BSF and mealworm.
  • 1. Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) (12 minutes)
    1.1 Introducing the BSF 1.2 Nutritional composition of BSF 1.3 BSF as feed: suitable for which farming practices? 1.3.1 Aquaculture 1.3.2 Poultry and swine 1.3.3 Petfood 1.4 Health and Growth Benefits of BSF 1.5 Environmental Benefits of using BSF as feed 1.6 Cost of BSF as feed 1.7 Conclusion
  • 2. Yellow Mealworm (Tenebrio Molitor) (17 minutes)
    1.1 Introducing the yellow mealworm 1.2 Nutritional composition of yellow mealworms 1.3 Mealworms as feed: suitable for which farming practices? 1.3.1 Aquaculture 1.3.2 Poultry and swine 1.3.3 Petfood 1.4 Health and Growth Benefits of mealworms 1.5 Environmental Benefits of using mealworms as feed 1.6 Cost of mealworms as feed 1.7 Conclusion
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